Mine Cards is an idle deckbuilding game. Gather resources and buy cards to improve your deck and reach level 100 of the mine!


  • Buy the Old Pickaxe to start mining resources.
  • When you draw an Upgrade card, it will automatically improve the top card in your discard pile (e.g. 1 Stone -> 2 Stone.)
  • Be sure to buy some Dynamite so you can use the Remove Card option to slim down your deck.
  • It starts a little slow, but hang in there and buy high-level resources when you can!

Note: There is no audio or music.

Created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #48, for the theme "deeper and deeper."


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is this game very good and addictive when you are going to bring a version for windows to download?

The animations are pretty smooth / Good game idea / Working very well

i really enjoyed it 

i upgrade an upgrade card

Not bad-

Good job!


this game is alot of fun the only thing i dont really like is that you dont have to play the whole game to win. you could just afk for like a hour and win. 5/5 tho

the RNG for the starting cards is nuts. you can easily start with a couple of stairs and win within a few minute

A pretty solid time waster. i can see this type of idle deckbuklder being pretty fun if expanded upon so this is a good basis i wish it was a little more fleshed out but this feels more like a tech demo for the merger of genres and as it is i like it. maybe add like a speed run or timer to compare your fastest times getting through all 100 deckj shuffles and final score after the fact 

Was kinda hoping upgrade would do something to stairs



yes card tower

I didn’t even destroy everything.

I got the victory screen for some reason…..

it’s really cool. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do? But it’s fun nonetheless :3

great little game, wish it was longer, but good job :D


To destroy your last card you need 2000 dynamite, but the max of any resource you can have is 999...

That sounds more like a feature than a bug.

soooooooo great but sad its so short wish there was a full game of this with more long term goal.

Please, make a downloadable version for PC.


nice little experience, I'm not 100% sure how much time I saved by playing it actively as opposed to buying nothing and just waiting for the deck to shuffle 100 times. still it wasn't a bad time and is one of the more "active" idle games.

Deckbuilding + idle game combined. It was fresh. It was fun.

This was an incredibly amusing game! I loved thinking about how to optimize my deck and how to conserve resources, and the ending sprint with a deck of nothing but stairs was very enjoyable.

This is so cute and well done! <3