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I honestly love how even in such a dark-sounding challenge, you two still make such an adorable mini game.

Played a few games from this challenge and was really excited to see you had entered! The game is really fun, beautifully drawn, and honestly quite the challenge. Never would I imagine that keeping a group of baby bears awake could be so troublesome. Well done!!

It's a really cute game.  

I like the mini goals, but would like more scenarios where I didn't feel like it was hopeless. 

When I end up making a grid where all the bears are awake only to go to *another* grid where most of the bears are gonna sleep and I have to survive, it feels like someone took away all of my progress.  If the grid had a different shape/different background color it wouldn't be so shocking.

great game, very cute :D

Neat game. Cool take on the theme and an interesting puzzle mechanic (cute as heck too).