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Una joya

Whoooooooooo I did it!!! This was super cute, and I was surprised at how quickly I got used to controlling both characters. I would love to try to speedrun this, quickly handling both characters at once rather than going back and forth between them.

- ✨Beth

Great lil game! Loving it!

What a delightful game of achievement and cooperation.   And the cooperation gets stronger as the game progresses.  For complete satisfaction, it needs an ending (with an option to continue).

Good music choice! Fun game of planning! Not too hard, but not too easy!

Haven't seen a floor I can't leave, but I do see ones that I have to take damage to leave! Every item is useful!

Defeating slimes via stones doesn't give treasure, I see?

This is a great game! I played until I got every upgrade, I haven't played other game in this jam yet but they've definitely got good competition.